July 6, 2014

Jesus Was (1) – Jesus was a Carpenter

By Rev. Jeremiah Cheung

Our topic today is “Jesus was a Carpenter.” Why did Jesus have to be a carpenter? Jesus began his work at only 30 years of age, and his ministry only lasted for three years. Jesus was a carpenter longer than he was a preacher. Don’t you think this is a bit odd? With his wisdom, intellect, talent, and power, why did Jesus have to be a carpenter for so many years before he began to preach?

Carpentry was simply Jesus’ earthly profession; more accurately, we should be asking: “Why did Jesus have to be human for 30 years before he came out to preach?”

There is only one answer to that: Jesus wanted to identify with us. He has to be 100% human so he could truly know and understand everything about us, so that he could understand our weaknesses. (Hebrews 2:14, Hebrew 4:15)

When we come to him, he will not say, “You’re here again!” Instead, He says, “Child, I understand.”

1. He understood human relationships

– He understood problems regarding families

– He understood problems regarding friends

2. He understood problems men faced regarding work

3. He understood the suffering that men faced