June 15, 2014

Encounter with God (8) – A Father Who Fears God

By Rev. Jeremiah Cheung

Genesis 22 is the story about the greatest test of Abraham’s life. When Abraham passed this big test, the Bible’s chronicle of his life gradually decreased and attention turned to Isaac. We can see therefore that Abraham had truly graduated.

Scripture Passage: Genesis 22

On this Father’s Day, let us examine the spiritual test that a father had faced.

1. The Topic of the Test v.1-2

– this is a very clear request
– this is a very unreasonable request
– this request is extremely difficult to accept

2. Preparation for the Test v.3-8

– Abraham took action to prepare for the test
– Abraham took away hindrances in preparation for the test
– Abraham prepared his own resolve, his will to obey

3. The Test v.9-14

– Abraham passed the test because of his Faith in God
– Abraham passed the test because of his Fear of God

4. Result of the Test v.15-18