January 5, 2014

Renewal of Faith (1) – Renewal in Loving God (Malachi 1:1-5)

By Rev. Jeremiah Cheung

Malachi means my messenger. God used his messenger to speak to the people. The book of Malachi is very unique, because it is written in the form of a debate between God and the Israelites.

In Malachi, the Hebrew word “Maw” appeared seven times – this means “in anything?” We can use this word to divide the debate into parts.

Today, let us study the first round of the debate: “How have you loved us?” This is the Renewal of Faith (1) – Renewal in the matters pertaining to loving God.

God told them, “I have loved you.” But they replied, “How have you loved us?” We often question God’s love in two circumstances:

1. In situations where it seems there is no love

2. In situations full of love. When we are surrounded by love, we tend to forget we are loved.

God pointed out three proofs of how He loved them.

1. The Grace of God’s Election

2. God’s Grace of Rebuilding People’s Homes

3. God’s Grace of Using His Chosen People Again