A Message from Rev. Jeremiah Cheung, Senior Pastor

The year 2014 will be a transformative year for the Christian Bible Church of the Philippines; through the Lord’s leading, we have decided to become a disciple-making church. We are now in the midst of a carefully-planned transition, and many aspects of the church will be changed. Change is difficult, but it is necessary if we wish to make progress and grow.

The church will be revising our Vision and Mission statement to reflect the new path that we seek to pursue. We will also be laying out a clear discipleship process so that every church member will know how to make disciples for the Lord.

A challenging road lies ahead of us, but we praise the Lord for revealing to us our new direction. Not only did He gave us a holy discontentment and the desire to become Christ-like disciples; more so, the Lord has given us the desire to make disciples for Him. Therefore, brothers and sisters, let us together embark on this noble path that is certain to bring both many challenges and abundant blessings – The Path of Discipleship.

Join a Small Group! Our small groups allow our church to grow without losing the personal relationships that are essential to maintain the Christian life that the Bible calls us to. Don’t try to be a Spiritual Lone Ranger.

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