A Message from Rev. Jeremiah Cheung, Senior Pastor

The year 2015 has come upon us in an instant. This year will no doubt bring many challenges for the church, but it is also a year of blessings for us. Here’s why:

    I. The Journey Groups Begin. Last year, we decided to become a disciple-making church and revised our church vision and mission statements. We attended a number of seminars, visited other churches, and humbly sought to learn from them. By the grace of God, co-workers have completed clinic 1 of the discipleship-leadership training hosted by the Perimeter Church. Three months later, we completed the training of the Ignition Team. And this year, in January, we launched the Journey Groups, beginning with seven teams. Our motto is “Think Big. Start Small. Go Deep.” We do not want to start a discipleship program; instead we are promoting a discipleship movement. This movement brings great challenges for the whole church, but we are confident that this will be a great blessing to the church too.
    II. The Church Building Construction Begins: In December 2014, we chose an architect for our new church building. With God’s grace and guidance, we will start construction work in July 2015. While this will be a huge endeavor, it is not our project. Rather, our purpose is to expand God’s kingdom, to create a base from which the coming generations of believers can effectively continue completing the mission God has given to the Church. We do not rely on ourselves for the human resources, material resources, and spiritual resources; we look to the grace of God. Our prayer is that we may experience the presence of God and that our spiritual lives may grow as we pursue this work.

Brothers and sisters, we will grow in two aspects this year: we will be building the physical church edifice, so we have enough space, facilities, and an ideal environment for the Lord’s work. While the construction work is vital, we must not lose sight of the more important work that lies ahead: that of building the spiritual body of Christ. God’s will is that we establish a group of mighty people, disciples who are real followers of Jesus, a group of disciples with a mission. Amen!!

Join a Small Group! Our small groups allow our church to grow without losing the personal relationships that are essential to maintain the Christian life that the Bible calls us to. Don’t try to be a Spiritual Lone Ranger.

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