December 20, 2020

平安何處尋? Where Can We Find Peace?

平安二字值千金,平安是人人都希望擁有的,但平安是什麼? 那裡才有真正的平安。真正的平安只能在基督裡,你的生命裡有基督所賜的平安嗎?

Peace is priceless. Everyone wants to have peace, but what is peace? This week, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung reminds us that real peace can only be found in Christ. Does your life have the peace that Christ gives?

Read Today’s Scripture Passage

Luke 2:13-14, John 16:33

Life Group Discussion Guide

1. Start with a prayer

2. Engage one another (15-30 mins)

  • What is one thing that brought you great fear this year?

3. Engage the mind (15-20 mins)

  • What kind of peace does the world have?
  • Jesus came to resolve the problem of sin. Is there anyone exempted from sin? Why?
  • How did Jesus break the power of sin and resolve the problem of sin?

4. Engage the heart (15-20 mins)

  • Have you pursued any of the peace that the world gives? Please share.
  • What are your worries and fears? Have you tried to overcome your fears on your own? What happened when Jesus came to overcome these?
  • How does Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection change your relationship with God?
  • Read John 14:1-6. What does this passage mean for those who believe in Jesus? In what way does this bring hope to you?
  • In Luke 2:10, the angels told the shepherds, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” What does it mean for you to not fear and to behold?

5. Engage the hands (15-20 mins)

  • How can you share the peace that you have in Christ to the people around you during this Christmas season?
  • In what ways can you turn your fears into beholding Jesus in the coming week?

6. Engage God in prayer (20-30 mins)

  • Pray for each other’s needs and concerns. (10-15 minutes)
  • Pray for our country. (10-15 minutes)
    • The discipline of people in following health protocols during this season to avoid the spike of COVID-19 cases.
    • Wisdom and integrity of our government leaders in making decisions for our country.

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Tithes & Offering

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