July 21, 2019

The Excellent Christian Life (8) | Work Out Your Faith

To “work out” means to labor and exert effort to achieve or maintain a desired result. For Christians, the aim is to grow in Christlikeness. In this message, Ptr. Genesis Tan shares four things we can do to work out our faith and live excellent Christian lives. 

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Scripture Passage
Philippians 2:12-18

Discussion Questions

1. According to v.12-13, to work out our faith, we must strive to obey. What are the 2 requirements of obedience? Share your learning on this. How is ‘work out’ different from ‘work for’?

2. See v.14-15. To work out our faith, we must stop complaining for our sake and for the sake of the unsaved. Why is this so? Compare ‘lament’ and ‘complaint’. When you are being squeezed, what kind of words come out of your heart and mouth? Do you eclipse the Son or reflect the Son?

3. See v.16. To work out our faith, we must share the Gospel. What motivates you to share the Gospel? ‘A church without the Gospel is only a social club’, what are your thoughts about this?

4. Read Hebrews 12:2 and Phil 2:17-18. To work out our faith, we must serve with joy. How can these verses encourage you?

5. Do you struggle with any of these? Out of the 5 commitments, which would you like to invest effort in? How?