March 16, 2019

The Games Satan Plays: Effects of Mass Media on Children

Although today’s technology and media can be useful tools, they also present potential dangers that we need to be careful of. In this informative session, Ptr. Jonathan Edwards “Jay” Banzuelo explains why parents need to be aware and involved in their children’s use and exposure to technology and media.

About the Speaker
Ptr. Jonathan Edwards “Jay” Banzuelo is the pulpit minister of Christian Gospel Center in Valenzuela. He teaches philosophy and theology as a professor in Febias College of Bible and also hosts programs with 702 DZAS, a radio station with the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company.

About the CBCP Seminar Series
Guest speakers conduct seminars and interactive sessions for members and attendees of the Christian Bible Church of the Philippines throughout the year. These sessions aim to educate and inform. The viewer is encouraged to learn more about the subject matter and to prayerfully consider how the topic applies to their specific and personal situations. Videos of these sessions are shared on the church’s website only with the explicit permission of the guest speaker. The views expressed by guests in this video series do not necessarily represent the views of Christian Bible Church of the Philippines.