February 9, 2019

Work in God’s Story

In this interactive session, Prof. Andrew Heyd shares how God uses workers and business makers in His plans and purposes to transform lives and communities. He explains how God created work to be good and how work is an act of worship. Audio for this message is now available at both Soundcloud and YouTube.

Download this complementary handout for your reference as you listen through the message. Pause to reflect on key questions, or use the questions as discussion topics with your colleagues and friends.

About the Speaker
Prof. Andrew Heyd is a full-time faculty member at the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL).

The Christian Bible Church of the Philippines would like to express our appreciation for Prof. Andrew and Suzanne Heyd, Ptr. Mike and Ethel Cariño, and the staff, members, and volunteers who worked to make this workshop possible. To God be the glory!