December 25, 2016

The Infant Who Changed the World

In this week’s Christmas Message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung shares the message of hope we have in Jesus Christ. In this world, man is powerless in the face of sin and death. But Jesus came to earth and made the greatest exchange: His life for ours, to grant mankind freedom and salvation. 

Recommended Reading

The CBCP Library recommends these books and media to complement today’s message. The items can be borrowed on a first-come-first-served basis.

In The Purpose of Christmas (Book, DVD, Study Guide), author Rick Warren explains how God designed Christmas to meet our three deepest needs, and how receiving God’s three Christmas gifts will transform our lives forever. This book and its accompanying materials will stir readers to honor the true significance of Christmas and to nurture God’s gifts of love and peace in this world. Note: the Book, DVD & Study Guide are all available at the library.

Max Lucado reminds us in God Came Near (Paperback, Audio CD) that Jesus was no run-of-the-mill Messiah. Instead, His was the most remarkable life to ever stir the dust of humanity. Travel back in time and relive Christ — the Son of God — becoming man. Max Lucado brings to life the most important event in history – when God came near.

In One Perfect Life (Hardcover, Kindle), Dr. John MacArthur shares with us the complete story of the Eternal Christ from Genesis to Revelation. Using Matthew as the base text, Dr. MacArthur blends the gospels and other biblical material about Jesus into one continuous story that will help us better understand Scripture and grow stronger in our faith.