November 18, 2018

Love God and Brotherly Love (3) | The Power of Words

Words have started and ended wars. They have brought up and destroyed families, communities, and churches. They can inspire or destroy lives.

In this message, Ptr. Jared Co says our tongues must be subject to the transformative power of Jesus so we can grow in spiritual maturity and be channels of God’s love and truth.

Audio and video of this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
James 3:1-12

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. James teaches us that our tongues play a strategic role in our spiritual lives. Our tongues show and direct our spiritual maturity. As you look at your past week, what do your words reveal about your heart? How can controlling your tongue in this area help you become more mature?

2. Read James 3:6-8. How does the Scriptural view of our tongues (and therefore our hearts) differ from what the world says? Which one reflects a more accurate picture of your experience? Why?

3. Jesus is the Savior who saves us from our own restless and evil hearts. Through Him, our tongues can become a force of good. How has He changed your tongue? What do you need to surrender to Jesus to open your tongue to His transformative power?