July 13, 2014

Jesus Was (2) – Jesus was a Shepherd

By Rev. Jeremiah Cheung

The Lord Jesus is the Good Shepherd. A good shepherd has two characteristics (John 10:14).
– He loves his sheep
– He knows his sheep

Jesus gave us a great example, and we need to learn how to be a shepherd from Him.

Psalm 23 is the best scripture passage from which we can learn how to be a good shepherd. These six verses tell us how the Great Shepherd shepherds us.

Verse 1 says “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want.” This is the most important verse in the whole of Psalm 23. Verses 2 to 6 interpret the first line of this psalm. We all know that “wants” are different from “needs.” We don’t really need much, but we want a lot of things; but when the Lord becomes our shepherd, even our wants are satisfied. How so?

1. He provides (v2)

2. He restores (v3)

3. He protects (v4-5)
See also Eph 6:14-17

4. He promises (v6)
– He will shepherd us all our lives
– His grace will not leave us
– His love will not leave us

The Lord is our Shepherd, we only need to follow Him.