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Assets, Supplies, & Housekeeping Management Officer

Administration Division > Operations Department

The Administration Division is the backbone of the Church’s daily operations. Our overarching goal is to enable and support the Church in pursuing its vision, mission, and values.

In particular, the Operations Department serves the body by attending to its needs while promoting responsible stewardship of church property, facilities, assets, and supplies.

When people need to use our facility…

  • We attend to requests and carry out specific arrangements
  • We prepare facilities to make sure it is clean and ready for use
  • We replenish supplies and oversee its proper storage and safekeeping

While we make every effort to ensure efficient church operations, it is clear to us that our ultimate goal is further the work of God’s Kingdom. We attend to the ministry needs of the church (the people) and discern how we can lovingly and effectively uphold godly stewardship of our administrative responsibilities. 

You will fit well in this role if you: 

  • Have a passion for creating, maintaining, and improving the physical environment of the church to make it conducive for worship and for ministry work
  • Prefer being hands-on in the job and working closely with people in solving problems
  • Can think systematically and in an organized manner
  • Can communicate game plans orders tactfully and clearly
  • Are process-loving and comfortable routines but do not mind solving new problems that come up every now and then

You will:

  • Report directly to the Administration Division Head / Pastor
  • Develop and implement systems and procedures for inventory management
  • Oversee the work of our Housekeeping Staff and coordinate with Third-party Service Providers
  • Evaluate the performance of our Housekeeping Staff and provide periodic feedbacks to our Third-Party Service Providers
  • Ensure completeness of supplies and availability of requested materials for daily and special operations
  • Assist in other functions and operations of the Church when needed

You’ll get bonus points if you:

  • Are familiar with the ministries and regular operations of the church
  • Have previous experience related to inventory management / housekeeping
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