Senior Pastor's Corner

This 2017, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the church. When we recall the events and milestones of the past thirty years, our hearts overflow with thanksgiving. This year will also be filled with challenges, but God’s abundant grace is immeasurable. What He provides goes beyond what we can ever ask for.

In Ministries

Beginning December 2016, we changed our church’s small groups to become Life Groups. Beyond just changing the name, we aim to improve the quality of our church community. A life can only be changed by another life. We hope that the members of each life group will love each other, care for one another, encourage each other, and share their life experiences together, be they sweet or bitter. 

In addition, our Journey Groups have now entered their third year. Our slogan is “Think Big, Start Small, Go Deep”. This is the year we begin to actively promote and pursue becoming a disciple-making church. The road ahead is still very long, but this is the mission God has entrusted to us. We will give our all to pursue it. The challenge is great, but God’ grace is greater still.

The Church Building Construction Continues

The Construction of our new church building is now well underway. The projected construction costs are truly overwhelming, but I am also overwhelmed with inexpressibile gratitude from seeing how our brothers and sisters are doing their best to give. I pray for them in my heart, that the Lord will richly reward them and establish the work of their hands. 

2017 is the most important year for the church construction. This is the year that will call for the greatest capital outlay. As we offer our time, prayers, and funds, let us watch God’s wonderful work unfold. 

From the day of the ground-breaking, my heart has been moved with this prayer: “Lord, let us experience the power of God in the church construction work. May we be like Job, able to say, ‘I have heard of God, but now I have seen God.'”

Church, a new year has arrived. May this year be the year we experience growth and breakthrough in our spiritual lives. As long as we are willing to serve the Lord in ministry and in the church construction project, we will see God’s hand of grace upon us. May you experience a new breakthrough in your life, and may God bless you!